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What's Included

Our Portfolio Service includes everything you need to take your business to a higher level

As mentioned earlier, our Portfolio Service includes all the following features:

  • Suggested Asset Allocation Document - This document outlines the asset allocations we suggest you use for your portfolios, based on your personal preferences and our expertise.
  • Suggested Portfolios Document - This document outlines the portfolios we suggest you use to make your asset allocations come to life.
  • Quarterly Portfolio & Investment Review - Every quarter, you will receive a Portfolio & Investment Review which shows how your asset allocations, portfolios, and individual investments are performing. We review this document and will suggest changes if necessary.
  • Portfolio Marketing Sheets - Client-focused portfolio marketing sheets are provided to help you close those sales.
  • Personalized Risk Tolerance & Return Requirements Questionnaire - This questionnaire allows you to quickly gather the important facts about a client and make a better portfolio selection for them.
  • Boilerplate Documents - We have a number of boilerplate documents which you can use to market your new portfolios and business.
  • Desktop Application - We provide you with our desktop application, CAT, which manages the day-to-day activities of your book of business.
  • 10 Second IPS Generator - Information about your client, your asset allocations, and your portfolios is mixed together to generate an IPS in under 10 seconds!
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing - Portfolios which you assign to your clients are monitored and rebalancing reports are issued when necessary.
  • Ongoing Support - Ongoing support is always provided. Just give us a call or send us and email and we'll help you out.


The cost for the whole Portfolio Service is $400/month/advisor.
Group rates are available.


If you are interested in our Portfolio Service, please contact us and we would be glad to show you more!