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The Portfolio Process keeps your asset allocations, portfolios, and investments up-to-date

The first part of our Portfolio Service is the Portfolio Process. This process is designed to identify your specific needs and turn them into solid portfolios for you to use with your clients. To make this happen, we work with you to create your own customized asset allocations and, utilizing our proprietary investment research, we again work together to create your own customized portfolios. These asset allocations and portfolios are designed specifically for you and are not standard portfolios created by some suit in Toronto (no offense to suits in Toronto). This customization enables you to be consistent with what you have discussed with your clients in the past and to work with the companies you want to deal with.

After the portfolios are created, we provide you with ongoing monitoring of the portfolios and the investments which they contain. Each quarter a Portfolio & Investment Report will be sent to you which outlines your asset allocations, portfolios, and investments. Each of the portfolios is compared to the underlying asset allocations using a number of metrics so you can see at a glance how your portfolio is performing relative to the benchmark. As well, we will examine each of the holdings in your portfolios and the portfolios themselves to see if any changes may be necessary. If so, we will let you know.

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