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Structure and systems make all the difference

Our Portfolio Service integrates everything you need to better serve your clients and to make youself more money. Our years of experience have shown us that the advisors who succeed are the ones who have a solid structure to their business and the systems to make it work. This is what our Portfolio Service is designed to do -- give you the structure and systems to make more money.

Our Portfolio Service will provide you with the following documents, systems, and services:

  • Suggested Asset Allocation Document - This document outlines the asset allocations we suggest you use for your portfolios, based on your personal preferences and our expertise.
  • Suggested Portfolios Document - This document outlines the portfolios we suggest you use to make your asset allocations come to life.
  • Quarterly Portfolio & Investment Review - Every quarter, you will receive a Portfolio & Investment Review which shows how your asset allocations, portfolios, and individual investments are performing. We review this document and will suggest changes if necessary.
  • Portfolio Marketing Sheets - Client-focused portfolio marketing sheets are provided to help you close those sales.
  • Personalized Risk Tolerance & Return Requirements Questionnaire - This questionnaire allows you to quickly gather the important facts about a client and make a better portfolio selection for them.
  • Boilerplate Documents - We have a number of boilerplate documents which you can use to market your new portfolios and business.
  • Desktop Application - We provide you with our desktop application, CAT, which manages the day-to-day activities of your book of business.
  • 10 Second IPS Generator - Information about your client, your asset allocations, and your portfolios is mixed together to generate an IPS in under 10 seconds!
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing - Portfolios which you assign to your clients are monitored and rebalancing reports are issued when necessary.
  • Ongoing Support - Ongoing support is always provided. Just give us a call or send us and email and we'll help you out.

What we provide to you comes from the two main processes we follow -- the Portfolio Process and the Business Process. Follow the menu to the left to see how our processes and systems will help you provide better service to your clients than other advisors could provide:

  • High Net-Worth Clients - Ultimately it is the client who decides if you are providing a good service, so what better place to start than by finding out what those high net-worth clients find important and what they find lacking in their current advisors.
  • It Starts With You - We are focused on providing you a service that suits the way you run your business and we take the time to make sure things are set up right.
  • Portfolio Process - The Portfolio Process is how we work with you to set up and maintain your customized portfolios.
  • Business Process - The Business Process is where you use our systems to manage you book and get those new high net-worth clients.
  • System Requirements - Find out what the system requirements are for you to get going.
  • Pricing - Here is the current pricing for our Portfolio Service.