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VAMPIRE In Operation

Looking at some samples is the best way to see the value of our investment research

Fund Adding Value

This fund manager appears to be adding a fair amount of value to the investment process and is certainly worth considering when building a portfolio.
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Fund NOT Adding Value

This fund manager is not adding value and would probably not be considered for inclusion in a portfolio. The fund is a bond fund so adding value is rather difficult with low interest rates and a relatively high MER.
      Download Full Fund Report (145K)


Fund With Consistent Allocations

This fund manager appears to be trying to keep very consistent regional, style, and market cap allocations over the whole portfolio. This fund could be considered Core after further investigation.
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Fund Hedging Into Canadian Dollars

This fund is hedging its currency back into Canadian dollars. The fund is a US Equity fund that has had great returns and all sorts of money flowing into it. Unfortunately, the returns appear to be coming from the currency hedging, not the actual stock picking.
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Fund With A Low Fit

This fund bears almost no resemblance to any market index and as such, cannot be analyzed by VAMPIRE. It turns out that this real estate fund invests directly into real estate and not via REITs or real estate companies like every other real estate fund. Seems to be a good fund, though, but watch out if it gets hit with lots of redemptions in a short period of time.
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