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Our style analysis is a far more advanced version than what was briefly described in the previous section. Our computer program actually solves two of these non-linear problems simultaneously – one for asset classes and one for currencies. By using some basic financial theory and the more advanced mathematics, our style analyzer enables you to see other aspects of a fund, such as currency hedging, leverage, and short selling. Because we calculate all our information every month, our style analyzer allows you to see changes in the fund’s investment process over time. This aspect also allows us to derive how much value a fund manager is adding to the investment process from various viewpoints. All of these features generate a wealth of information which enables you to better understand what the fund manager is doing and, most importantly, whether the manager is adding any value to the investment process. As far as we are aware, no other style analysis program available has all these features.

Simply put, our program allows you to have the best information available in Canada. When communicating to your customers, you need to stress that your investment research on funds is second-to-none. Any advisor can provide Morningstar, Globefund, or Funddata information, but they can’t show how a manager is behaving over time, whether the asset and style mix remain constant, whether currency hedging is taking place, and most of all, whether the manager is consistently adding value. This analysis can really give you confidence in the quality of your managers, and that you are not being influenced by the “fund-du-jour” syndrome that has dominated the financial planning industry. You can convey this confidence to your clients, to reassure them that their portfolio selection is not being swayed by short-term results. This allows you to minimize the knee-jerk reactions in your client base.