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Reporting Makes The Difference

Initial and ongoing reporting lets you be confident in your portfolios now and in the future

Once we have agreed upon the asset allocations, investments, and portfolios, the final component of the Portfolio Process are reports to put all this into action. These reports are:

  • Suggested Asset Allocations & Portfolios - This initial report outlines the methodology, assumptions, and numbers that went into creating your asset allocation. The document also outlines the investments used in the portfolios and their composition. Its a very powerful sales tool for showing how much professional discipline has gone into building your portfolios.
  • Portfolio & Investment Report - This report is sent to you on a quarterly basis and outlines the whole Portfolio Process in one document. Asset allocations, portfolios and investments are all presented in ways that allow you to quickly see what is going on. For the portfolios themselves, they are compared to their underlying asset allocations with the results summarized in one box! This allows you to quickly see if your portfolios are performing as expected. We also analyze this report ourselves so we can let you know if there are any issues.


Besides keeping your business on track, these reports also provide major benefits to you in other areas:

  • Clients - You can use the change in how you manage client accounts as a marketing opportunity. Your clients will be impressed with the information you have at hand, so let them know about it.
  • Compliance & Regulatory - Nobody likes to think about it but should you ever have a client complaint, you would be able to easily demonstrate that you followed an institutional approach to building portfolios and followed-up on them regularly. Case dismissed!