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Portfolio Construction

A Two-Step Process

Make sure you have a solid foundation before you build your house!

Once the potential investments have been determined, they can then be assembled into the various portfolios which correspond to your asset allocations. At Global Portfolio Review, we feel that it is critical to create your portfolios using a two-stage approach:

  • Build a Solid Core - It is always best to start with Core investments which cover the spectrum of global markets. The reason you need to do this is because the markets often have a funny way of doing the unexpected. If you do not have all your bases covered by creating a solid Core, you can easily end up with an underperforming portfolio and spend a lot of time trying to calm the fears of your clients. Core investments include cash, quality bonds, diversified large-cap stock funds, and perhaps even a broad holding of real estate.
  • Add Secondary Investments - Once a solid Core has been created, Secondary investments can be added to enhance returns or to reduce risk through increased diversification. Examples of Secondary investments include small-cap stocks, alternative strategy investments (such as hedge funds), high-yield bonds, and some types of real estate.

Your Portfolio Matrix

Your customized Portfolio Matrix is the foundation for your business success

When the whole Portfolio Process is complete, a Portfolio Matrix is generated which is specifically designed for you and the way you want to run your business. This Portfolio Matrix usually consists of 15 portfolios for five different risk levels across three different account sizes. The choice of cutoff levels between small, mid, and large accounts is completely up to you, but many advisors feel that anything less than $50,000 would be considered small, and anything over $250,000 large. These portfolios are automatically integrated into our desktop application for use in your day-to-day activities.