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Portfolio Process

Your Portfolios Need A Process

The Portfolio Process keeps your asset allocations, portfolios, and investments up-to-date

The Portfolio Process we use (shown in the following flow-chart) enables us to work with the advisor to create and maintain a set of portfolios that are used with their clients.


The chart shows a number of steps, but the process is essentially broken down into four distinct areas:

  • Asset Allocation - Incorporates your investment philosophy and our expertise to provide inputs to the optimization process and create your personalized asset allocations.
  • Investment Research - Research comes from our proprietary style analysis program, VAMPIRE, which tells us which managers are good and which are not.
  • Portfolio Construction - The asset allocations are combined with your investment philosophy and our research to create the actual portfolios.
  • Reporting & Review - Initial and ongoing reports are used to keep the portfolios on-track.