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CAT has many reports so something will likely suit your needs!

CAT has been continuously developed for almost 10 years now with the portfolio monitoring, rebalancing, and IPS generator being the latest additions. While all the features are truly too many to list, one of the components is too powerful to ignore — the “All-in-One”.

We call it this because it captures all the different aspects of a portfolio and combines them into one document. The wonder comes from just how fast it can do it! You can input all your investments, how much each investment holds and generate up to a 20 page analysis in under 5 minutes start to finish. You just cannot get this kind of speed and depth of analysis anywhere else!


Risk-Return graphs can have your customized portfolios overlaid on them to make converting your clients to your new customized portfolios very easy!


Risk-Return graphs can be created in seconds, comparing your portfolio to the market indices and portfolio of average investments.


Data to power all of CAT’s reporting features, including the All-in-One, is all pulled in directly from our VAMPIRE investment analysis program to ensure consistency from your customized portfolios right through to the reports you run on CAT.


The Report Card is the most powerful yet easy to understand feature. Show a prospect how you can take their poor portfolio and turn it into a star using your customized portfolios!


The All-in-Wonder allows you to see the asset allocation and equity style of your whole portfolio.