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Client Questionnaire

Determine Your Client's Risk Tolerance & Return Requirements

Most questionnaires only ask about risk. Ours asks about returns too!

Which of your portfolios should your client put their money into? That’s an easy question to answer when you use our customized questionnaire. Most questionnaires that guide you to a specific portfolio only ask about a client’s risk tolerance. While this is important, it provides only half an answer. The other important consideration is the rate of return a client will need in order to achieve their financial goals. Our questionnaire asks about both a client’s risk tolerance and financial objectives which will give you a much clearer picture of the type of portfolio your client needs.

When a questionnaire is completed, the answers can be inputted into CAT which will give you the return required by the client and allow you to reconcile their return requirement with their risk tolerance. All the answers to the questionnaire are used to populate the Investment Policy Statement and are stored in CAT for use at a later date.