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An Investment Policy Statement Helps You Retain Your Clients

A fast IPS helps you maximize your profit

One of the best ways to keep your clients focused on their goals, and not on the individual investments which make up their portfolio, is to provide each of them with an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”). Our IPS generator is linked to all aspects of our service in order to make it as fast and seamless as possible:

  • Risk Tolerance & Return Requirements Questionnaire - The answers to the questionnaire are placed directly into the IPS for easy reference.
  • Your Customized Asset Allocations - The appropriate asset allocation becomes the benchmark that will be used to monitor the performance of the portfolio.
  • Your Customized Portfolios - The actual holdings in your customized portfolio are inserted directly into the IPS too!

When you press the IPS button, it takes only about 10 seconds for you to get a fully customized Investment Policy Statement in Microsoft Word format. Your clients will think you are amazing and only you’ll know how little time it took!