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Keeping Track Of Your Clients' Portfolios

Clients never get left behind

When you use your customized portfolios, CAT allows you to easily perform all the tasks you need to simply and easily maintain your entire book. Our system has three steps involved in keeping track of your clients’ portfolios - attaching, monitoring, and rebalancing.


The first step in keeping track of your clients’ portfolios is to attach one of your customized portfolios to an individual client account, a group of client accounts, or even to a group of accounts within one household. This flexible approach gives you a great advantage when dealing with many clients with different needs, such as tax efficiency. The portfolio that is attached becomes the template for the client and drives the monitoring and rebalancing processes.


The Portfolio Control Centre scans your whole book daily and lets you see how it is doing at a glance. The screen shows you the four different types of accounts which make up your book:

  • Okay - These accounts are within tolerance and require no action.
  • Approaching Rebalancing - These accounts are getting close to requiring a rebalance. A call to your client may be in order.
  • Needing Rebalancing - These accounts require rebalancing. Call your client and get the rebalancing transactions approved.
  • Accounts with no Portfolios Attached - These accounts have no portfolio selected and are not monitored for rebalancing. They are, however, rated by our proprietary portfolio analyzer, to give you an idea of how well constructed they appear to be.


If the Portfolio Control Centre shows that an account does need to be rebalanced, simply click on that account to generate a Rebalancing Report which lists all the transactions needed to get it back in line. When all the transactions have settled, the account will move back into the “Accounts Okay” section.