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The Business Process keeps your book in tip top shape

The Business Process we suggest you use (shown in the following flow-chart) will enable you to keep on top of all the changes in your client accounts. It will also help you get those new high net-worth clients too!


The chart shows a number of steps, but there are six main components:

  • Desktop Application - Our desktop application, CAT, is what keeps everything working.
  • Marketing - All sorts of marketing materials are available to help you sign up those prospects.
  • Client Questionnaire - The client questionnaire that we provide with our Portfolio Service looks at both risk & return.
  • IPS Generator - When your customized portfolios are combined with the client questionnaire, you can generate an IPS in less than 10 seconds!
  • Control Centre - The Control Centre allows you to monitor the status of all the accounts that are using your portfolios.
  • On-Demand Reporting - CAT has all sorts of fantastic reports available, including the very detailes "All-in-One" report.